WhatsApp Business is now in Italy

whatsapp business milanWith great surprise, Italy is among the five countries in the world that are welcoming the arrival of WhatsApp Business. It is the new corporate version of WhatsApp app.

This version is primarily for small and medium-sized businesses and it will serve to connect customers and companies. The user has to begin creating a company profile verified by the platform. Then he will specify the useful information to the customers such as opening hours, physical address, website, and many others.

Currently it is only available for Smartphone with Android System. The user can download it for free from the Play Store, then will also come the version for iOS System.

Business accounts will be identifiable by a distinctive sign that confirms the verification of the same. Obviously, the new version represents another opportunity for all the Taxi Milan and taxi Malpensa. In fact they will have access to a new network of contacts thanks to the App.

Another interesting aspect of this innovation is also the e-commerce. There are already rumors about the likely arrival in the coming months of the application WhatsApp Pay. The latter will work together with WhatsApp Business and it will allow for example Taxi Milan and taxi Malpensa to book the airport transfer and pay both via App.


“… WhatsApp Business is now available in Italy …”


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