What to see in Milan

What to see in MilanGiven the importance of Milan from a cultural and working point of view in the Italian landscape, it may happen that you have to travel to the city for a few days. Milan is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, so a lot of people decides to spend a weekend there. Every time we go to a new city as a tourist, the question that is born spontaneously is always the same: what to see in Milan during the stay?

In this article we will give you 10 things that, according to our judgment, are worth a visit. The recommended locations are within easy walking distance, however, if you prefer, you can ask for assistance to our taxi for car trips. Let’s start.

1) Piazza del Duomo

It is the most famous building in the city. Your visit must start from this place easily accessible with us or with other public transport. This symbol and its square are the beating heart of the city. Moreover, the beauty of this place is constant in any season of the year. In fact, the Christmas tree creates a magical atmosphere as well as during the Ambrosian carnival. Remember to enter the Milan Cathedral since it is one of the most beautiful gothic churches in Italy. It would be a shame to get away losing such an occasion. It is also possible to climb on the roof of the Duomo, either with a comfortable lift or using the steps, from which you can have a fabulous view of Milan. The visit at the top, differently from the internal one, requires few money.

2) Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Next to Piazza Duomo, it offers magnificent historical prestigious shops and restaurants. A tradition that must be absolutely respected when we go to the Gallery. You have to rotate on your heel clockwise three times, stepping on the bull drawn on the floor.

3) Luini

It is the historical bakery in the city just a few steps from the Duomo and the Gallery. Its specialties are stuffed panzerotti and, despite the constant queue, they deserve a taste. Eat at this institution and then keep going to discover Milan.

4) Piazza San Babila

At the end of Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, full of shops for all the wallets, you can find this famous Milanese square. Once you arrive you can admire the historic church of San Babila and, just a few steps before, the church of San Carlo with its square.

5) Quadrilatero della Moda

This is the area of ​​Milan dedicated to high fashion. If you have the opportunity or you are just curious, take a leisurely stroll in the most luxurious streets of Milan. You can see dozens of shop windows of the most famous and expensive stores in the world. The most well-known is Via Montenapoleone but the adjacent streets also host prestigious shops. The area is also suitable to meet many VIPs and models given the exclusivity of the place.

6) Teatro alla Scala

Crossing Montenapoleone and turning left you will arrive at the famous Scala Theater. Clearly it would be better to watch a show inside however if you are in a hurry or you have the afternoon you can go in just to visit the building.

7) Museo Leonardo Da Vinci

Opened from a few years, a few steps from the Scala Theater, we will find the museum dedicated to the Italian genius par excellence. Leonardo Da Vinci lived in Milan for several years working for the Sforza family. It will be possible to find temporary installations, reproductions of its innovations and other works related to the character.

8) Castello Sforzesco

Another symbol of Milan is the Castle of the Sforza family. The Castle can be visited outside and in the courtyard free of charge but there is also a paid part. The Castle Museum definitely deserves a visit and it will take at least two hours to complete it.

9) Parco Sempione

The greenest part of the city. During the summer season is the most lively area of ​​the city to relax and take the shade of vegetation. The park offers several facilities to visit such as Torre Branca, the Civic Arena and the Arc of Peace. The latter offers several bars where you can enjoy the classic Milanese aperitives.

10) Brera

Artistic area of ​​the town where the Pinacoteca resides. It definitely deserves a visit and a dinner in its characteristic streets.


Let us know on Facebook or LinkedIn how your visit was. If you find a place that is worth a visit and it is not on the list, let us know. We remind you that ROS Black-Taxi is always available and our taxis are happy to accompany you wherever you want.