Volocopter taxi: flying across Dubai

Its name is Volocopter and it is the first flying autonomous guide taxi. The inauguration of this important technological innovation took place in Dubai and it is the first step toward new services. It is a taxi service that will be available to the masses within 5 years.

The flight took place on Monday, September 25th in the city of Dubai, with many people able to admire Volocopter. The take-off took place without any problems, and this was thanks to the 18 rotors mounted on Volocopter. Keeping in mind that the flight took place without any passenger, the taxi can fly for 30 minutes. Volocopter can reach a speed of over 100 km per hour hosting up to two people. A very important thing about this taxi drone is the fact that its alimentation is electricity and therefore it is ecological. Regarding the size, the taxi extends for two meters in height and about seven in diameter. The not excessive dimensions allow Volocopter to move even in tight spaces.

Password: security

Would you fly over an autonomous driving drone? Yes, I would with the Volocopter taxi. It is equipped with up to nine batteries to cover any voltage cuts and allow landing. There are also two parachutes, one for each passenger. The taxi drone’s call will be through an application, as for Uber, as well as for the payment. The service should become operational by 2022 in order to provide a safe and fast means of transport.

No more traffic jams

The taxi drone will allow you to eliminate traffic issues but however this will be complex to achieve. Designers will have to avoid air crushes by continually correcting the route to avoid static and dynamic structures. Volocopter will have to fly away from the Dubai skyscrapers, volatiles and other Volocopters.

A crowded sky

Volocopter will not be the only one to fly in the skies. There are other developing projects to cut through the air seas. Among the most famous projects, we have:

  • Pop.Up, developed by Airbus, which sets itself as a real substitute for Volocopter taxi and should be ready by 2020.
  • A flying bike for travelling inside a city, developed by Kitty Hawk, a startup helped by Larry Page.

“… Volocopter taxi is an innovation that can change city logistics…”


The transport world is undergoing a significant revolution and the taxi world will have to adapt. Is it possible that in a few years you will book your flying and autonomous taxi from here? Maybe. For the moment, we are still a traditional taxi with four wheels touching the ground and our driver taking care of your trip. Please remember to check our fares and book through the convenient form on the contact page.