Taxi strike: sled to November 21st

Taxi strikeThe national taxi strike, initially scheduled on November 7th, will happen on November 21st. The Strikes Guarantee Commission took this decision on the change a couple of days after the initial announcement.

The news came from the Parliament in Florence.  From there, the Commission stated that it cannot accept the date initially chosen by the taxi drivers. For this reason the taxi drivers had to choose another date for the strike, now on November 21st. We recall that this strike will only affect the taxi drivers category, far different from private taxi (NCC in italian).

The decision was taken because of the proximity of November 7th to another general strike regarding public services. This is the autonomous strike, scheduled for November 10th. For a national law it is not possible to make two strikes on public services less than ten days away.

Alessandro Atzeni, national secretary of UIL Transport, talked about the event. He asserted that the labor unions accounced the strike because of the current disorder of public transport regulations. The disorder continues and it has led to a strong deregulation of the public transport service. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has also not kept its promises. Taxi and NCC sectors are now in a strong balance.


“… on the 21st of November the national taxi strike will take place …”


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