Valle Olona Track: a treasure in our territory

taxi busto arsizio serviceAmong the various paths of which the province of Varese is rich, the most beautiful is the Valle Olona one. It is an 18 km long cycle path and it is wonderful. A great way to visit the area is to use the taxi Busto Arsizio service by ROS Black Taxi.

Obviously, 18 kilometers are a lot to be covered on foot in a single day. This is true especially if there are children and / or grandparents walking. This is why Ros Black Taxi offers a Taxi Busto Arsizio service. It will take you from your home in Busto Arsizio, and surroundings, to Castiglione Olona.

Seems like in this town, in the area of ​​the historic company Mazzucchelli, the cycle path begins.

The track

Since the beginning, the track is flanked by the old railway line of Valmorea and the Olona river. Having traveled several times, I guarantee that immediately the atmosphere is really beautiful and relaxing. You are among the grass, and the old railway line to Mendrisio in Switzerland, gives that feeling of carefree.

Due to that, do not miss here in Castiglione Olona a visit to the Castle of Monteruzzo and the ancient village.

Furthermore, continuing the path along a track after a few kilometers, you will reach the treasure of our territory. Unfortunately, unknown by many citizens is the Monastery of Torba, a UNESCO heritage site and recovered from FAI.

If you wish to visit the Torba Monastery or the Castle of Monteruzzo Taxi Busto Arsizio service is always available. Hence, Ros Black Taxi can take you directly from your home to any place of interest along the Valle Olona trail.

After passing the monastery, the road continues to Cairate, here there is the abandoned Cartiera Vita-Mayer. It is an important industrial archaeological find of the twentieth century. The path continues to Solbiate Olona, ​​Fagnano Olona, ​​Gorla, Olgiate Olona and finally Castellanza.

Certainly you will find a nice stopover where you can stop between Fagnano Olona and Gorla minore at Approdo dei Calimali. It is a voluntary association that has taken on the task of keeping it voluntary. So, without request for money, they guarantee a charming place where you can find refreshment, rental bikes and magnificent hospitality. The center is open every Sunday and holidays from March to October.

The options

Therefore, those who wish to take advantage of the Taxi Busto Arsizio service have a free choice. A first option is to use the service from Busto Arsizio to Castiglione Olona concluding the journey to Castellanza. An alternative is the service from Busto Arsizio to Castellanza. Certainly, after finishing the journey to Castiglione Olona, ​​you can come back home in evening with the Taxi Busto Arsizio service.


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