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The etymology of the term
In this regard, there are several theories, according to the first one derives from the Greek word “tachys” or fast; according to another theory the term derives from the German noble family Thurn und Taxis.
According to the most recent theory to give this name was the German inventor of the Tassameter, then from the prefix “tax”, or cost.

It seems that the Taxi service was initially born in Paris in the nineteenth century, offered by towed vehicles on horseback, and shortly after also in the streets of London.
In those times, however, only people belonging to the upper middle class and aristocrats used the service.
The service became popular with the spread of the first motorized taxis, intended exclusively for this service.
The first motorized taxis were produced in Stuttgart, Germany in 1896 by the DMG (Daimler Motoren Gesellshaft) on the initiative of the transport company Friedrich Greiner, and immediately had a great success and the service spread to the great metropolises of the world both in America and in Europe in London, Paris, Vienna and Madrid, managed in our European continent by private companies.
The color of Yellow Taxis happened in New York after a company found that this was the most visible color.
Speaking of our Italy, here at the end of the first decade of the twentieth century, FIAT produced the first Italian motorized taxi, called “Fiacre”; it initially produced 1600, and was a success, to the point that they were requested and used in other foreign countries.
Even the cities made the Taxi service easier by building special infrastructures as rest areas and waiting for the next ride by the operators.
Starting from the forties with the diffusion of Radio, the service improved, the routes were optimized and customer waiting times decreased.

The Taxi Service Today

Usually in Italy we use a simple phone number of easy memory, which collects the requests of the users, which is headed by a cooperative RadioTaxi.
Today, with the spread of smartphones, even this sector has adapted for reasons of force majeure to new habits of users, offering new Apps on the market in order to receive bookings, monitor the route traveled by the driver and facilitate the race, indicating the best and fastest route based on current traffic, thanks to the use of GPS.

Vehicles used
Today in most countries there are no particular car models used exclusively for the aforementioned service.
In the past, instead, there were some models of exclusive cars for this category of transport; one cannot but mention the famous and typical London Black Taxis produced in England by the “Manganese Bronze Holdings PLC” for a number that exceeds one hundred thousand.
Also, here in Italy the FIAT produced in the sixties the Fiat Fiat Seicento, with a specific version with two rows of rear seats to carry more people and a special compartment next to the driver for luggage.

Cost of service
The cost of the service is usually determined by the Taximeter, an instrument that takes into account the time and distance of the route taken.
The driver starts the instrument at the time of taking the customers and stops when they arrive at their destination.
However, remember that in certain areas near airports and railway stations and for long journeys, the price is agreed before departure.
At Malpensa airport, for example, the Malpensa-Milan city center route has a fix rate of 95 euros.
As far as the cost of taxi departure is concerned, this is the minimum price from which one starts or commonly called the “flag” in the past.
The term derives from the taximeter that was installed outside the car, near the mirrors and that exhibited a red flag with the word “free”, once the flag was lowered the amount of the minimum stroke was triggered.
Cost of Taxi Busto Arsizio service offered by Ros Black Taxi:
Generally, the cost of the “Taxi Busto Arsizio” service offered by us, within the city perimeter is around 15 euros during the day.

Travel in peace
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