Self-driving Taxis: experimentations in California

self driving taxisAs was foreseeable, the time was ripe for the trials of the first self-driving taxis. On this occasion, the main character will be the groups Bosh and Daimler, (owner of the Mercedes group). The cars used will be Mercedes S Class and V Class, equipped with the best sensory technologies. The road tests will take place in California in 2019, on Silicon Valley roads. It is important to underline that here we talk about the future, innovation and change. This do not only concern the Taxi Milan and the taxi Malpensa, but the daily life of all of us.

As such, just change, to most people can arouse fears and perplexities in several aspects. Fear of lack of security for the total entrustment of their lives to a robot, by ordinary citizens. Here the thought goes easily to the fatal accidents occurred in recent years in the world with Tesla.
Another aspect that should not be underestimated is the fear of losing one’s work. Taxi Milan, taxi Malpensa, and all the other Taxi operators in the world have this kind of fear.

“…  the time was ripe for the trials of the first self-driving taxis …”

As happened in the past in many other sectors, will the end soon come for this profession, overcome by the technological era?
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