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HOTEL COLONNE da Silvio Battistoni ****

Address: Via Fincarà, 37, 21100 Varese (VA)

Telephone: 0332 220404


Colonne Hotel Restaurant, a name that evokes memories. A story that began at the end of the XIX century by Pietro Bianchi, the first to decide to undertake this adventure at the Sacromonte of Varese. The site chosen for Colonne is a seventeenth century house, with a red marble entrance hall and four massive columns from the Lazaretto of Milan. The house is located in front of the statue of Moses, which marks the end of the pedestrian path to 14 chapels. The location is rich in history. In 1909, the arrival of the funicular created an influx of pilgrims that moved from across the country to Sacromonte of Varese. Thus, they decided to move the seat, keeping the same name that already enjoyed a good reputation.
In 1921 the Colonne Hotel Restaurant re-opened in its new location, which was run by the Bianchi family until 1968. They closed its doors in the late ’70s, after it was outsourced to third parties. After nearly twenty years, architect Ettore Mocchetti was entrusted with the task of restoring the house to its former glory. After a five-year restoration, the house re-opened in 1994 to the glowing reviews of clients, the press and city authorities.
The house has been treated in detail and you can still find a large tiled stove from the first half of the nineteenth century, a large fresco, a replica of the eighteenth century, prints and paintings, antique furniture and antique woodwork. Additionally, all rooms have a decor designed to accommodate the customer with the best possible comfort.
The facility’s operations were gradually restored, starting from the cafeteria and the restaurant, with over one hundred seats, and, in the end, a hotel with ten rooms, each one different from the other. A new chapter has begun in the history of the hotel. “Welcome to my home!”, Chef Silvio Battistoni says as he greets his guests.

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