Milan: progressive stop of diesel engine

taxi milan dieselThe fight against diesel engine by the Italian metropolis, from Naples to Milan, has been increasingly evident for some time.
In particular Milan is already talking about an anticipation of this phenomenon that will start already on 21 January 2019. 
The date on which the ban on the use of diesel engine will be imposed up to Euro 3 car.  The ban will be valid from Monday to Saturday from 7:30 am to 9:30 pm .
Giuseppe Sala made the announcement during a meeting at Palazzo Marino,  talking of the low-emission zone. Lez (Low Emission Zone) will cover almost all the area and 98% of the habitants.This choice will also affect Taxi Milan and Ncc Malpensa and other traders and taxis. They will probably have an increase in rides requests. They hence have to make a choice of the car to be used as taxi Malpensa or Ncc Malpensa.

“…  Milan is already talking about an anticipation …”

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