Italian Taxi: a different future ahead

radio taxi in busto arsizioSo far all the Italian taxi drivers have had the exclusive right to RadioTaxi and App. That is to say that a licensed Taxi Milan or taxi Malpensa owner could collaborate with only one RadioTaxi / App.

Recently, however, the Antitrust Authority has decided that the right of exclusivity goes against the law. In fact it limits the working capacity of the Taxi Driver. He had to entrust all his working capacity or his entire daily shift to only one RadioTaxi or App.

This provision of the antitrust that is already effective. It will favor the Taxi Milan, taxi Malpensa and all over Italy, and customers. They will have many more taxis available in the same area and will not have to wait hours for a race.

The Taxi Milan service will become faster, more widespread and use more Taxis and less private cars.
Another important change will be the price. Since there are more taxis available in the same area, the cost for the final customer will be lower.

Radio Taxis have already resorted to the TAR against this provision, which is already effective.


“… the Antitrust Authority has decided …”


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