1. How can I rent a car with a driver (taxi services)?

The operation is simple. You should provide us your starting and arrival coordinates through a message, a call or a Whatsapp message (+39 347 89 67 059) or you can write us at rosblacktaxi@gmail.com. Alternatively, go to our “Contact Us” section and fill in the simple online form. If you are a more social person, contact us through our Facebook page.

2. Do I need to book in advance or can I call at the moment?

It is not necessary to book in advance however, if you call at the last moment, we do not guarantee our prompt availability. For this reason, in case of transfers to / from airports, we suggest you to advise us in time to ensure a timely service.

3. What information should I provide for making a reservation?

Please note that for the booking procedure you can use our online form where you will need to provide all the information marked by the asterisk (*). These are: name, surname, e-mail, departure, time and date of departure, arrival, number of passengers.

4. How much will taxi services cost?

It depends on the route you want to make. Check out our fares section. If you do not find the route you are planning to make, contact us via one of our channel and request a quote.

5. Is it possible to read reviews from other customers?

Of course. Go to our Facebook page and find out the satisfaction level of our customers.