Car Sharing: a Booming Trend in Europe

car sharing milanIn the big cities of Europe like Milan, statistics and a quick look show how many citizens prefer to use Car Sharing. A car owned is definitely more expensive.

It is clear that for those who use the car to move only in the city and do a few miles is super expensive. Buy a car, pay annual stamp, mandatory insurance RCA, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, is more expensive than Car Sharing.

Here then that even the most skeptical, now they are persuading to live them car.

This obviously translates into a collapse in car sales. This is not due to an economic crisis but to a change in the trend of citizens in mobility.

This phenomenon is causing an economic damage to the major car manufacturers which are responding by reinventing themselves. They have bought shares or created new companies for mobility services (such as Bmw and Daimler, with DriveNow and Car2go). Moreover it will also cause a downturn in use of Taxi Milan and taxi Malpensa.

Obviously this is due to the fact that for the same distance Car Sharing service is cheaper. The services of Rent with Driver Milan Malpensa or Taxi Milan Malpensa is still expensive.

Unfortunately, the serenity of Taxi Milan operators with the advent of new technologies is increasingly hanging by a thread. This is the same for any market in fact everything evolves, transforms and brings consequences, positive or harmful.

To see if the bodies of protection and various associations in this sector will protect all operators in this sector. No differences have to be made if Taxi Milan, taxi Malpensa or Rent with driver Milan Malpensa.


“… car sharing is cheaper than taxi milan …”


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