Autonomous Guide in Italy: growing interest

Taxi milan autonomousIn large Italian cities the traffic is crazy, especially at rush hours, and sometimes unnerving. taxi Malpensa and Taxi Milan drivers know this situation very well. But a solution is coming to support the drivers and its name is: autonomous guide.

Hence, in the last few years “sharing mobility” has developed very much, both for cars and for bicycles.

Despite the popularity of these services, which the majority of citizens already know, the habits of users do not change. We all continue to have our own car or bike, and to replace it with new ones.

So while for shared mobility the interest exists, but it is not enough to change our habits, what can make us change our daily life is the autonomous guide. According to a recent study, 40% of Italians are interested in this new technology , while 60% think it will be used by all of us, but in the distant future.

An example of semi-autonomous driving is Tesla. Some of our taxi Milan and private taxi Malpensa have already started to buy some models.  They have also put into practice this new type of guide, still unknown to the majority of users.

During the “The mobility of the possible, proposals for Italy” conference, a survey showed the increasing need for interconnected mobility. High-speed networks will allow us to interconnect our vehicles in real time. This will guarantee the safety and the autonomy in the circulation of our cars.

It will be curious to see if even our Taxi Milan and taxi Malpensa will adopt these new technologies in their activities. Or maybe they will remain loyal to their drivers, ensuring their job for a long time.


“… Taxi Milan will adopt the autonomous guide …”


The autonomous guide will bring significant changes. What do you think will be the future of the taxi industry? Let us know on our Facebook Page.